Topic: Programming/C++

14th story: Top 11 C++ Libraries.

In this article, we will see the different important external libraries that give the C++ programmers the ability of doing their jobs without any difficulties.

C++ lacks providing libraries, while other languages usually come with all the libraries needed for most applications…

13th story: how to create a dll under Microsoft Visual C++.

DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library and it is useful in many use cases. Let’s start by enumerating its advantages:

Promotes modular architecture:

A DLL helps promote developing modular programs. This helps you develop large programs that require multiple…

Topic: Programming/C++.

12th story: C++20 features (PART II)

In this story, we will continue our discussion about the new features released by C++20.

Three way comparison:

The three-way comparison operator (<=>) was added in C++20 to provide a simple way to overload the four comparison operators <, >, <=, and…

Topic: Programming/C++.

11th story: C++20 features (PART I)

The C++ programming language is a general-purpose multiparadigm language created by Bjarne Stroustrup. The development of the language started in 1979 under the name “C with classes.” As the name implies, it was an extension of the C language with the additional…

Topic: Compilers/ LLVM/ PL.

10th story: LLVM & Haskell (PART III)

Welcome to this third and last part of our discussion about LLVM. We will continue to see the operators and the mutable variables.

User-defined Operators

The “operator overloading” that we will add to Kaleidoscope is more general than languages…

Topic: Compilers/ LLVM/ PL.

9th story: LLVM & Haskell (PART II)

In the first part we have seen an introduction to LLVM with Haskell, also how to transform the Abstract Syntax Tree into LLVM IR, some code generation, the Lexer and the Parser. In this part “2”, we will continue…

Topic: Compilers/ LLVM/ PL.

8th story: LLVM & Haskell (PART I)

Hello & welcome to this story. It runs through the implementation of a simple language, and the basics of how to build a compiler in Haskell, showing how fun and easy it can be. An intermediate knowledge of Haskell…

Topic: Programming/ C++.

7th story: STL, for expert.

In this story, we will see the following topic:

  • STL architecture
  1. Containers
  2. Iterators
  3. Algorithms
  4. Functors
  • STL containers
  1. Sequence
  2. Associative
  3. Unordered
  4. Adaptors

Let’s look into the STL topics one by one in the following sections.

1. The Standard Template Library architecture:

The C++…

Topic: CS/ Data Application.

6th story: Stream Processing

So far we have talked about where streams come from (user activity events, sensors, and writes to databases), and we have talked about how streams are transported (through direct messaging, via message brokers, and in event logs).

What remains is to discuss…

Topic: Data structures.

5th story: Batch Processing with Unix Tools

Let’s start with a simple example. Say you have a web server that appends a line to a log file every time it serves a request. …

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